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InterConverse Platform FAQ

With InterConverse you can easily create, manage, and deploy landing pages, popovers, CTAs, and other marketing ad assets without IT or development support. Segment your email subscribers and send targeted messages. A/B Test your ad campaigns and make decisions based on real-time analytics. Increase revenue, improve ROI, and deepen brand loyalty.

What is an "Interstitial"?  Interstitial ads (interstitial means "in between") are a way of placing full page messages between the current location and destination page.  On the InterConverse platform there are a number of parameters that control the inbound experience that can be set for each campaign that affect how you speak to your audience on the inbound marketing journey.
  • Ad Timer: Select the amount of time (in seconds) your ad will display before the user is allowed to "Skip Ad".

  • Auto Redirect: If Auto Redirect is set to "YES", once the countdown finishes, the user will be redirected automatically to the destination without having to press "Skip Ad" button.

  • Selecting a Theme

    • Theme Type: Select either "Template", "Custom" or "ContentBuilder" as the Theme Type.  ContentBuilder is the default theme.

      - If you have specifications for a custom Theme, we would be happy to work with you to create it. Please contact us.

  • Campaign Name: Input a Campaign Name of your choosing.

  • Ad Category: Input a Category of your choosing.

  • Description: Input a Description of the Link Ad of your choosing.

  • Target Website: The Website URL the link is on. (ex. - http://interconverse.com)

  • Active: YES or NO. You may turn the Link Advertising on or off. When Active is set to YES, your Ads will display on a themed interstitial page when your campaign link is clicked. When Active is set to NO, your Target URL will be displayed directly when your campaign link is clicked.

  • Ad Assets: Your Ad Assets to display on the interstitial page when your campaign link is clicked. You may use <HTML> or <Javascript>.

  • Custom Code: You may use your own code to develop your interstitial ad asset. Integrate your CRM Tracking and/or conversion code. You may use <HTML> or <Javascript>.

Creating a Campaign Link

Begin by generating a campaign link. Select a Domain and Category. Insert your destination URL. The Alias field is optional, however, if you include it your campaign link will be sufixed with the Alias. The campaign link is a shortened destination url. If you want to use your own branded domain, request a branded domain. You must own the domain prior to requesting it. For more information on branded domains go here.

Manage Campaign Links

Once campaign links have been generated, you may manage them. The Manage Campaign Links page has a number of filter criteria to find campaign links. You may also sort by each column in the grid.

Export Campaign Links:
  • Click the edit button to edit the campaign link.
  • Click the visitors button to view the visitor analytics page.
  • Click the LinkAd button to setup the asset type for this campaign link.
  • Click the LinkAd button to manage email.
  • Click the visitors button to share your campain link.

Campaign Links (Edit Mode)

You can edit the campaign links. Update Category, Active, Campaign Name and Description. The Category data isused to target the default template ads. The Description data will refine the targeted ads further.

For example: if the Category is "Outdoor Equipment", the target ads will be about outdoor equipment. If you include the Description of "Bicycles", the targeted ads will be specific to bicycles and associated bicycle equipment.

Note: InterConverse now uses IBM Watson AlchemyLanguage natural language processing for advanced text analysis. This means that when you create a campaign AlchemyLanguage processing determines the best Category for the end destination. There is no need to set the category, InterConverse will determine it for you!

visitors Visitor Analytics

Visitor analytics include: IP Address, Location, UserAgent Data, OS, OS Version and Device information.

LinkAd Asset Type

InterConverse allows you to associate campaigns as a popover, landing page, email, custom ad asset.

Content Builder

Beautifully designed responsive content blocks, ready to drag and drop. Engage your audience with thoughtful, relevant content.
  • A distraction-free editing area.
  • Powerful layout with responsive design that can be adapted to any screen size.
  • Drag and drop content to create beautiful pages quickly and easily.
  • Collection of more than 450 beautifully designed content blocks.
  • Deep customization with a powerful WYSIWYG and HTML editor.
  • In-page image, map, and video embed.

Content Design (WYSIWYG Edit Mode)

Inline wysiwiyg editing.  Drag and drop, copy and paste assets by link location, embed images and video.

Content Design (HTML Source Edit Mode)

Full HTML editing capabilities for maximum control. This Design view allows you to create a custom interstitial by supplying your own code in the WYZIWYG editor.

Content Design (Configuration)

When in Content Design edit mode, you may updated a number of attributes to control the interstial experience as well as include your own advertising assets, including your custom marketing destination code.

LinkAd Marketing Email

InterConverse gives you the tools necessary to manage and segment your email subscribers so that you can send targeted and engaging messages. InterConverse allows you to manage your marketing email through a contact manager with over 28 demographic data-points that can be used for segmentation. Create "Smart" email segmented lists by building email groups by segmenting your email database. You can upload your own email database using the Import Template provided. InterConverse marketing email is CAN-SPAM compliant and automatically applies an unsubscribe feature for every email sent. Utilize the familiar InterConverse ContentBuilder to create engaging and targeted emails.

Get started for free with 100 Customers and 1000 emails per month. Go to our Pricing page to upgrade your subscription.

A/B Testing

Find out what marketing channel, assets or destinations work best. Create a testing campaign by entering its name, the type of testing you want to achieve and select the compaign links to associate to the campaign.

Important! You must select campaign links to associate to the campaign. The number of campaign links allow for Multivariate testing depends on your subsciption level.
  • Level1 = 2 campaign links
  • Level2 = 4 campaign links
  • Level3 = 6 campaign links

Manage Testing Campaigns

Partner Revenue Share Program

As a InterConverse Revenue Share Partner you will earn a percentage of the revenue generated from InterConverse affiliate relationships. By utilizing InterConverse revenue ad assets in the InterConverse Content Builder, every sale made through those ad assets will make you money.

Branded Domains